10 Mini-Breaks to Refresh and Renew Your Work Day – Easy Workday Mini-Breaks


I have started using mini-breaks on a daily basis to avoid burn-out.  The idea of mini-breaks is not new, but I have a tendency to get caught up in writing or working on projects, so much so that sometimes I go for hours without leaving my computer.  You know the feeling, you are on deadline, you have a project that needs to get done, you are on a roll. Time flies, and before you know it, your foot is asleep, your back aches, your coffee is cold, and your butt is numb.  Mini-breaks are the answer.  If you work at home, as I do, it is easy to create tiny mini-breaks that are not only good for your mind, but good for your body.

  1. Get out of your chair every thirty minutes, if you have to set  a timer, do it.  But get out of your chair and stretch, walk around, get a cup of coffee for two or three minutes.  It doesn’t take much time and it is good for you!
  2. Have your coffee and donut, bagel, whatever, away from your desk.  Sit on a park bench, a sofa, in the break room, in your kitchen.  Read the paper for a few minutes, socialize, or just enjoy your coffee.  It takes only 10 or 15 minutes and you will feel more energized when you go back to your desk.
  3. Take a walk.  Take a short walk.  Go outside, even if it is around your building or to the local coffee shop, get out, and get some fresh air.
  4. Listen to music while you work and when you hear a particular song you love, stop for a few moments to enjoy it, close your eyes, or if you are alone, dance a bit.
  5. Buy flowers or a few plants, take time out each day to water your plants or arrange your flowers.
  6. Take a five minute break and watch a meditation or relaxation video.
  7. Take five or ten minutes out to read something inspirational.
  8. Give yourself a five minute facial massage
  9. Do seated stretches.  You can do seated stretches at your desk and feel better in just a few minutes
  10. Take a fresh fruit break, I like oranges, they smell good and there is something a bit therapeutic about peeling a fresh orange, but really, any fresh fruit will do, just take some time to savour it – good for your health and a nice break mid-afternoon.

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