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The Seebedo project has been my passion for several years and finally, in 2020 I have the time and resources to launch it in a meaningful way. The publication of the new book, The See+Be+Do Success Formula, seemed like a good time to start again to work toward helping people live the lives they want, achieve their dreams and be happier.

There are a few basic tenets that drive See it! Be it! Do it! Kindness, love, peace, happiness, well-being, health, positivity and mindfulness – that about sums it up. The world is a rich and wonderful place and we can make it whatever we want it to be. That is the premise of Seebedo.
A bit of inspiration and motivation, courses, books, webinars, seminars and workshops…let’s make this a great year!
Love, Peace and Joy,

2020 Roadmap

2020 Goals, Projects and Offers 

Bare bones, what’s happening with seebedo.com – our current goals and projects. If you would like to participate – it’s free and easy, simply sign-up and start participating in the community. 


  • Provide interesting, educational, inspirational, fun content
  • Help others through articles, courses, and coaching
  • Build a community of students, teachers, members, and contributors
  • Provide a forum for people who want to grow and help themeselves and others
  • Provide great resources at low or no cost


  • May, 2020 - Offer the Know Yourself Love Yourself Course Free to everyone as a small contribution during Covid-19 - along with a free copy of The See Be Do Success Formula - ebook or pdf
  • June-July 2020 - Launch the Everyday Mindfulness Course
  • June-July 2020 - Launch the Daily Inspiration Podcast
  • Ongoing - Recruit new writers and teachers to provide richer content and more wisdom 😉
Michele Hartley
Michele Hartley, Founder of SEEBEDO

Take courses, read articles, contribute.  Get tips on how to be happier, healthier, more mindful, and in tune with yourself and others.

Be inspired and motivated by positive articles and ideas.  Maintain and grow your positive attitude.

Participate in our community, take courses, offer courses, submit articles – Your voice matters!

Michele Hartley is an author, entrepreneur and coach.  Her mission is to help others achieve happiness and success. She is passionate about living a life that makes a difference and her books and articles reflect that passion. 

Michele has lived, worked on projects, or volunteered in over 20 countries and currently resides in the Irish countryside. She is a qualified NLP trainer and life coach and has been a counselor, international executive and speaker, business consultant, chef, B&B and winery owner, pub owner, salesperson, web designer, magazine publisher, and serial entrepreneur. 

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