We are here to provide you with tools to live the life you want to live and be the person you want to be.  If we all could be our best selves what a wonderful world this would be!

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Based on years of experience and training we combine NLP,  Cognitive Behaviour  Techniques,  Hypnotherapy, Mindset, Counseling, and Life Coaching to provide the services you need based on your unique circumstances.


We are here to help!  We have achieved our life goals to this point and now want to help other people acheive theirs.  We will enrich peoples’ lives with our coaching and training.  We provide services based on years of experience, research and training.  Our goal is to know our clients and provide all the support we can based on their needs. 


SEEBEDO is all about love, peace, health, happiness, well-being, positivity and living the life you want to live. We provide life coaching, nature coaching, information, inspiration and motivation, courses, books, webinars, seminars and workshops to enhance lives.

Michele Hartley Certified Life Coach, Mindfulness Trainer & Author
Michele Hartley, Founder

I started my SEE BE DO adventure in 2010, first with the simple idea of SEEBEDO or “See it , Be it, Do it”. The SEE BE DO concept incorporates introspection, visualization, actualization and action to help people lead more fulfilling lives.

My belief is that kindness, love, peace, gratitude, happiness, well-being, health, positivity, and mindfulness are key elements of a rich life. Helping others transform their lives and achieve their goals is my passion. 

Partnering with other like-minded people, I am pleased to be able to offer even more coaching services, courses, and workshops.

Let us help you live the life you want to live!

Love, Peace and Joy,

About Michele

"If you can see it, you can be it, if you can be it, you can do it.
See Be Do!"

Michele Hartley is an author, entrepreneur, and coach. Her mission is to help others achieve happiness and success. She is passionate about living a life that makes a difference. 

Her vision is a world where love, gratitude, compassion, and peace reign – starting in the heart of each individual. Her goal is to help people believe in themselves and their dreams and use their personal power to affect positive change in their lives and the lives of others.

Michele has lived, worked on projects, or volunteered in over 20 countries. She is a professional writer, qualified coach, mindfulness teacher, and NLP trainer. She has been a counselor, international executive and speaker, business consultant, chef, B&B and winery owner, pub owner, salesperson, web designer, magazine publisher, and serial entrepreneur.

She is an avid believer in the beauty of small moments, the power of positivity and the magic of love. When she is not exploring new places and enjoying the benefits of being over 60, Michele continues to write books and articles, present seminars and provide coaching to clients from around the world.  She hopes her life experiences, combined with years of experience and education, can help her help others.


The SEEBEDO Success Formula Softcover

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Happy Clients

Sue Ricaud

Life coaching with Michele was the best decision I ever made. She helped me gain a new perspective on my life and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. With her guidance, I’ve become more confident, focused, and have achieved goals I never thought possible.

Roger Phelps

I can’t speak highly enough about the impact the seebedo program has had on my life. With their help, I’ve built better relationships, improved my self-esteem, and found clarity in my career path. Their empathy, expertise, and dedication are truly exceptional.

Corinne Roy

My coaching with Michele and Robert has been a game-changer for me. Their deep understanding of human behavior and their ability to provide practical strategies for personal growth have been instrumental in helping me achieve my dreams. I can’t thank them enough for their unwavering support and guidance.

Meredith Waters

I was skeptical about the idea of a life coach at first, but after a few sessions with Michele, I was amazed at the positive changes in my life. She helped me identify and break through limiting beliefs, set achievable goals, and maintain a better work-life balance. Her guidance and encouragement made all the difference.

Jason Franks

  Working with Michele was a transformative experience. I was stuck in a rut both personally and professionally, but with her guidance, I was able to set clear goals and develop a roadmap for my life. Her insights and support were invaluable in helping me overcome challenges and make meaningful changes. I highly recommend her!

Steve Hansen

Not a guy thing, I know, but my partner and I had a great time with some of the exercises – we also got some good laughs listening to the audios. We are waiting for the next series.

Jim Davidson

I hate self-help stuff, but this was actually fun.  

Dorothy Sanchez

I wish i would have found this when I was twenty years younger but even at my age, it was a great help and I learned a lot. I also had fun doing the worksheets. I’m waiting for the next courses Michele puts online 🙂 .

Jan Nakamura

  I am a self-help junkie so I know a lot of what is out there. Between the audio, the worksheets and the overall support I got from Michele, I have to say this is a top-notch program. Love it!

Peter Rogers

I was feeling down and not liking myself very much, but after doing the lessons and the worksheets, I realized I am not as bad as I thought I was. I even set out goals and am working on achieving them. I recommend it especially if you are not feeling top about yourself.

Claire O’Malley

I do not like self-help stuff at all but my mum told me I should read the Seebedo book and I decided to try the course out too. I got a kick out of it and learned a lot about myself. Cheers Michele!

Patricia Gallagher

I got so much out of both the book and the course and Michele was also always on hand via email or chat if I had any questions. Definitely recommend it!!!

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