Without Music, Life Would Be a Mistake

Music is indeed one of the most beautiful things in life – no matter how young or old we are we all respond to music.  It doesn’t matter what the genre or style is – music evokes emotions, memories, thought, it can lift you up or bring you down.

Children respond to music from infancy, some say from in the womb.  Children move to the beat of the music, get excited or relaxed based on the music from the time they are born or perhaps before.

Music enhances learning and memory. Music is a great way to remember things from the ABCs to the Chemical tables.  The beat, the tune, the words make it much easier to learn facts and figures.

Music helps improve attention skills. Music is attention-getting, the right kind of music can affect people’s behaviour and increase their attention span.

Music appreciation is wired into our brains.  Humans respond to music, whether it is the beating of the drums or a Mozart concerto, we respond to music – it is primordial.

Music enhances social experiences. We bond through music, song and dance are part of every culture dating back as far as we can track human behaviour.  It is part of almost every celebration known to man.

Music is predictable and structured so our brains respond positively.  Our brains like predictability and structure so we respond positively to music.

Music evokes emotions. Music can tap into every emotion known to man, it can make us happy, sad, angry, loving – different music, different songs, evoke different emotions.

Music evokes memories.  Music is great for evoking memories and stimulating talk about those memories.

Our bodies react to music.  We naturally move to the rhythm of music, it stimulates and encourages exercise and movement. When a song really moves us, the heart actually can speed up or stress can be reduced having a positive effect on body and mind.

So start humming, turn up the tunes, listen to your old favorites and check out some new ones!


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