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I started my SEE BE DO adventure in 2010, first with the simple idea of SEEBEDO or “See it , Be it, Do it”.  The SEE BE DO concept  incorporates visualization, actualization and action – three steps to achieve goals and lead a happier more fulfilling life.   As part of the project I created an ongoing list of sees, bes and dos as guidelines for how to live a better life. The list could probably go on and on but I stopped at about sixty because that’s two months worth of seeing, being and doing if you only calculate one a day. The principles of SEEBEDO can be applied to every part of your life. I try to apply all of them to mine, but life has a tendency to get in the way so I keep the list posted and pick out one or two things each day to focus on. It works for me. Perhaps it will also work for you.

See it! Be it! Do it!,


Seek love
Seek knowledge
Seek truth
Seek peace
Seek joy
See yourself and love yourself for who are
See that you are special
See your talents and gifts
See who you were, who you are, and who you want to be
See all the things you have to be grateful for
See how what you say and do affects yourself and others
See the beauty and good in yourself and others
See others with compassion and without judgement
See how you can enrich your own life and the lives of others
See your dreams and goals clearly
See that you have all power over your life
See your potential
See all you can be


Be positive
Be mindful
Be thoughtful
Be aware
Be grateful
Be helpful and giving
Be forgiving
Be strong
Be bold
Be brave
Be a leader
Be happy for your success and the success of others
Be committed to yourself
Be true to yourself, your values, and dreams
Be strong in your beliefs
Be at peace with yourself and others
Be self-disciplined
Be consistent
Be enthusiastic
Believe in yourself and help others believe in themselves
Believe in your dreams
Believe that the universe is on your side
Believe that you have the right to happiness, success, and wealth
Believe that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve in your life


Do keep fit
Do what you want to do with your life
Do lead your life on purpose
Do take responsibility for yourself
Do celebrate life
Do not give into worry and fear
Do set goals
Do take action to achieve your goals
Do take risks
Do develop and nurture good relationships
Do work hard to achieve your goals and realize your dreams
Do get the training and education you need to achieve your goals
Do things for others
Do things you enjoy
Do what it takes to stay healthy and strong
Do something nice for someone else each day
Do something nice for yourself each day
Do not be afraid to ask for help
Do not be afraid to fail
Do not let the past dictate your future
Do not give up


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Steve Hansen

Not a guy thing, I know, but my partner and I had a great time with some of the exercises – we also got some good laughs listening to the audios. We are waiting for the next series.

Dorothy Sanchez

I wish i would have found this when I was twenty years younger but even at my age, it was a great help and I learned a lot. I also had fun doing the worksheets. I’m waiting for the next courses Michele puts online 🙂 .

Jan Nakamura

I am a self-help junkie so I know a lot of what is out there. Between the audio, the worksheets and the overall support I got from Michele, I have to say this is a top-notch program. Love it!

Peter Rogers

I was feeling down and not liking myself very much, but after doing the lessons and the worksheets, I realized I am not as bad as I thought I was. I even set out goals and am working on achieving them. I recommend it especially if you are not feeling top about yourself.

Claire O’Malley

I do not like self-help stuff at all but my mum told me I should read the Seebedo book and I decided to try the course out too. I got a kick out of it and learned a lot about myself. Cheers Michele!

Patricia Gallagher

I got so much out of both the book and the course and Michele was also always on hand via email or chat if I had any questions. Definitely recommend it!!!

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