How to Break Bad Habits Fast – Five Easy Steps to Quitting any Bad Habit

Bad habits can be hard to break simply because they are what they are – habits.  I want to break all my bad habits so did some research and found a sure way to break bad habits fast.  Using these steps to stop bad habits, I quit smoking in just two weeks. These steps to stop bad habits actually work. We have all tried to quit whatever bad habits we have, whether it is nail biting, drinking, smoking, overeating, watching too much television, taking drugs, overdoing anything, procrastinating.

Naturally, some habits are tiny and may be inconsequential to others while other habits turn into serious addictions that can result in illness and death.  Your bad habits may not be as bad as mine or vice versa, but if a habit is bad, it is worth getting rid of.  I have used these five steps to stop several bad habits from smoking to procrastination.  They worked for me and I am a highly addictive person, so it is likely they can work for you too.