Pilates Are Easier Than You Think

pilates are easier than you think

My physical therapist told me, “Pilates are easier than you think.” I did not believe him – I came home and looked at pilates videos – easier than you think – ha! I watched cute limber girls and women raise their legs higher in the air than I imagined possible. “Lift one vertebrae at a time…exhale…inhale…”, the instructions were complex, the moves not anything that this body could accomplish. I envy anyone that can do the various exercises in Pilates for Beginners videos – but none of them seemed viable for me. Getting down on the floor is an exercise in and of itself!

I was fortunate enough to find a great water aerobics instructor in Portugal when we were visiting a while back – George was fantastic – he was a slave driver but water aerobics made a difference – I could walk further, stay awake longer and the pain was reduced – eventually ;). But since the onset of the Coronavirus, I can’t practice water aerobics anymore at the local pool or even at the beach. I can’t see my therapist either. So back to Youtube…(needless to say there are no Pilate classes at this period in time either).

I decided to try a new search “standing pilates” – because I am not going to risk getting down on the floor and struggling to get up again. Amazingly, the first video I found on this search was Standing Pilates for Seniors from Rachel, The girl with the pilates mat…cute name isn’t it?

Rachel is easy to listen to, and easy to follow – she even does the exercises so you can follow them while watching her really easily.

Standing Pilates for Seniors

I really enjoy these videos and they actually help with the back pain – I see a difference already. They are pleasant, fun, and easy exercises – the first few days I was a little sore but doing the routine 3 or 4 times a week is has really helped. I now actually believe that pilates are easier than I thought!

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