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Live Your Best Life

Path to Personal Transformation

Celebrate Who You Are
Reconnect With Yourself
Refocus on Your Values & Goals
Create Your Vision for the Future
Live the Life you Want to Live

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"This course is a great starting point for becoming your best self."

Are you ready to change your life for the better and start on the path to personal transformation? The See Be Do Life Enrichment Program is a step-by-step personal empowerment  program that will help you love yourself more and live the life you want to live.  You will discover new things about yourself, realize ways to improve your self-esteem, develop good habits, practice positive thinking, and achieve your life goals.  

You’ll discover how to:

  • Realize your full potential
  • Take charge of your life
  • Have a positive mindset
  • Overcome fears, doubts & negative thinking
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Create affirmations that work for you
  • Set your personal goals and achieve them
  • Love yourself more, be more confident & content
  • Know yourself better
  • Find your awesomeness
  • Lead a life of happiness
  • Improve your relationships
  • Remove the roadblocks that are holding you back
  • Realize the power of gratitude
  • Learn to live in the moment
  • Live the life you want to live based on your own values
  • Eliminate bad habits
  • Develop positive habits


SeeBeDo Empower!

An exclusive membership to inspire you to embrace your awesomeness

We all need to have an extra boost sometimes. It´s not easy to maintain a positive attitude all the time or stay on your designated path without straying. Life brings us endless surprises, new experiences and adventures, new lessons to be learned and wisdom to be shared.

Each month, you will receive new information, insights, and interactions to activate & capitalize on life energy and abundance.

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain access to monthly tips for realization of your goals
  • Learn from qualified life coaches
  • Ask the questions that are important to you
  • Participate in group meetings and webinars to address key areas in personal growth
  • Join life-changing discussions with the community 
  • Gain access new online courses and programs at discounted rates
  • Get discounted rates to our workshops, coaching, & training programs in Portugal
  • Increase the power of your affirmations
  • Realize success and happiness in your life
What does this Program include?

Let’s take a look inside...



You can participate in a community that is dealing with the same issues. Learn from others and provide your own insights. Share your experiences.



Valuable information and training to help you improve your life and live the life you want to live. You will have access to the full Life Enrichment Course, new podcasts and videos, and materials to help you achieve your personal goals.



Receive free promotions, discounts, and updates so you can consistently improve your life and address the issues that are most important to you.



You will receive valuable personal feedback on information you submit through our program platform, provided you have selected that option. You do not have to "go it alone".



If you follow the program, you will not only discover more about yourself, but you will see visible results in your life. It is an investment in yourself and your future. Do the work. Reap the rewards.

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Are you ready to live the life you want to live and be your best self?

Imagine really loving yourself and your life. Imagine using your skills and talents to do what you love. Not to mention the benefits of living a mindful life and knowing how to truly achieve your personal goals and dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the right program for me?

The Life Enrichment Program is for you if you are self-motivated, want to change your life for the better and want to deal with the issues that are preventing you from being all you can be.  The sessions are short but the exercises take time so you need to commit to doing the work.  If you decide to take advantage of program fully, you should submit your exercises to us for review and provide you with ideas and input based on your work.  The SeeBeDo Empower! Membership which is included in this offer will provide you with new courses, webinars, and offers each month, well worth the investment if you want to continue on the path to happiness and life fulfillment.

We are always available online, via email –,  through our online chat service, on facebook messenger, or via our contact page.

Happy Clients

Sue Ricaud

Life coaching with Michele was the best decision I ever made. She helped me gain a new perspective on my life and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. With her guidance, I’ve become more confident, focused, and have achieved goals I never thought possible.

Roger Phelps

I can’t speak highly enough about the impact the seebedo program has had on my life. With their help, I’ve built better relationships, improved my self-esteem, and found clarity in my career path. Their empathy, expertise, and dedication are truly exceptional.

Corinne Roy

My coaching with Michele and Robert has been a game-changer for me. Their deep understanding of human behavior and their ability to provide practical strategies for personal growth have been instrumental in helping me achieve my dreams. I can’t thank them enough for their unwavering support and guidance.

Meredith Waters

I was skeptical about the idea of a life coach at first, but after a few sessions with Michele, I was amazed at the positive changes in my life. She helped me identify and break through limiting beliefs, set achievable goals, and maintain a better work-life balance. Her guidance and encouragement made all the difference.

Jason Franks

  Working with Michele was a transformative experience. I was stuck in a rut both personally and professionally, but with her guidance, I was able to set clear goals and develop a roadmap for my life. Her insights and support were invaluable in helping me overcome challenges and make meaningful changes. I highly recommend her!

Steve Hansen

Not a guy thing, I know, but my partner and I had a great time with some of the exercises – we also got some good laughs listening to the audios. We are waiting for the next series.

Jim Davidson

I hate self-help stuff, but this was actually fun.  

Dorothy Sanchez

I wish i would have found this when I was twenty years younger but even at my age, it was a great help and I learned a lot. I also had fun doing the worksheets. I’m waiting for the next courses Michele puts online 🙂 .

Jan Nakamura

  I am a self-help junkie so I know a lot of what is out there. Between the audio, the worksheets and the overall support I got from Michele, I have to say this is a top-notch program. Love it!

Peter Rogers

I was feeling down and not liking myself very much, but after doing the lessons and the worksheets, I realized I am not as bad as I thought I was. I even set out goals and am working on achieving them. I recommend it especially if you are not feeling top about yourself.

Claire O’Malley

I do not like self-help stuff at all but my mum told me I should read the Seebedo book and I decided to try the course out too. I got a kick out of it and learned a lot about myself. Cheers Michele!

Patricia Gallagher

I got so much out of both the book and the course and Michele was also always on hand via email or chat if I had any questions. Definitely recommend it!!!

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