The Power of Words – Choose Wisely!

Words have power – what you say, how you say it, makes a difference. Words can heal or hurt, they can inspire or discourage. Using the right words is an art. Think of words that have motivated you, things people have said that have spurred you to action or brought goosebumps to your arms. Speak to people with positive words, embellish, be creative, create pictures that the people you talk to can hold onto. Use positive phrases when you speak to yourself – the power of affirmations has proven to be effective for a lot of people. Change negative statements to positive both in your self-talk and how you communicate with others. The power of words is undeniable, it cannot be quantified.  Imagine a life without words – impossible isn’t it? Make it a game, turn your negatives into positives by realigning your language.  You can use the power of words to enhance your life and the lives of others.  I have included a list of positive words here – there are hundreds of others, but this is a start.  Try to use positive words in your speech each day.  Use them when speaking to others and when speaking to yourself.  It will make a difference in your life. This short video might inspire you.

Positive Words – A List of Positive Words for Affirmations and Daily Conversation

Abundant Accomplished Achieving Active
Admirable Admired Adorable Adventurous
Affluent Agreeable Alert Aligned
Alive Amazing Appealing Appreciate
Artistic Astounding Astute Attentive
Attractive Auspicious Authentic Awake
Aware Beaming Beautiful Best
Blessed Bliss Bold Bright
Brilliant Brisk Buoyant Calm
Capable Centered Certain Charming
Cheerful Clear Clever Competent
Complete Confident Connected Conscious
Considerate Convenient Courageous Creative
Daring Dazzling Delicious Delightful
Desirable Determined Diligent Discerning
Discover Dynamic Eager Easy
Efficient Effortless Elegant Eloquent
Endless Energetic Engaging Enhancing
Enormous Enterprising Enthusiastic Enticing
Excellent Exceptional Exciting Experienced
Exquisite Fabulous Fair Far-Sighted
Fascinating Fine Flattering Flourishing
Fortunate Free Friendly Fulfilled
Fun Generous Genuine Gifted
Glorious Glowing Good Good-Looking
Gorgeous Graceful Gracious Grand
Great Handsome Happy Hardy
Harmonious Healed Healthy Helpful
Honest Humorous Ideal Imaginative
Impressive Industrious Ingenious Innovative
Inspired Intelligent Interested Interesting
Intuitive Inventive Invincible Inviting
Irresistible Joyous Judicious Keen
Kind Knowing Limitless Lively
Loving Lucky Luminous Magical
Magnificent Marvellous Masterful Mighty
Miraculous Motivated Natural Neat
Nice Noble Nurturing Optimistic
Outstanding Passionate Peaceful Perfect
Persevering Persistent Playful Pleasing
Plentiful Positive Powerful Precious
Prepared Productive Profound Prompt
Prosperous Proud Qualified Quick
Radiant Reasonable Refined Refreshing
Relaxing Reliable Remarkable Resolute
Resourceful Respected Rewarding Robust
Safe Satisfied Secure Seductive
Self-Reliant Sensational Sensible Sensitive
Serene Sharing Skilful Smart
Smashing Smooth Sparkling Spiritual
Splendid Strong Stunning Successful
Superb Swift Talented Tenacious
Terrific Thankful Thrilling Thriving
Timely Trusting Truthful Ultimate
Unique Valiant Valuable Versatile
Vibrant Victorious Vigorous Vivacious
Vivid Warm Wealthy Well
Whole Wise Wonderful Worthy
Young Youthful Zeal Zest

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