Start Living the Life of Your Dreams with the SEEBEDO Life Enrichment Course

The SEEBEDO Life Enrichment Course is currently full.  Please sign up to indicate your interest and I will let you know as soon as a new session is available.

Know Yourself

Get to know yourself a bit better or remind yourself who you are. You will rediscover yourself, review your values, your strengths and weaknesses, and your personal state and resources.

Achieve Life Balance

Find balance in your life - work, home, personal time and social time.

Understand Your Thoughts, Beliefs & Emotions

What are your emotional triggers? How do your thoughts affect your life? Learn how to turn the negative into positive and deal with issues that may be holding you back.

Defeat Your Defeaters

Deal with your fears, worries, and things that defeat you in your life. Learn how to deal with habits, failures, worries, and thoughts and feelings that are holding you back or keeping you from being all you can be.

Self-Esteem & Positivity

Make sure your self-esteem is strong and learn to love yourself more. Develop personal affirmations and a positive mindset.

Build Your Vision

Making good decisions can be difficult and basing your decisions on your values is one of the keys to successful life planning. Learn how to your vision, create your plans, set your goals, and realize your dreams.

Relationships Gratitude Happiness

Increase your satisfaction in your relationships with others, learn how to get and give the most in your relationships. Live in an attitude of gratitude and learn what things you can do to lead a happier life.



 You can complete the course in as little as 30 days or take as long as you like, it is up to you.  You'll  also get a lifetime membership in the SEEBEDO Masters Club.


I am impressed with the book and the course, the reading is easy, the ideas are good, and the overall mood is encouraging and motivating.
Stephen Rooney
After reading a preview copy of the book, I am convinced this book and course can change lives.
Anne Caldwell
Our team has been doing training using the SEEBEDO exercises and coaching from Michele, it's been fun, educational, and enlightening.
James McClure
I have been working through the SEEBEDO principles for the past several months, it really works!
Patricia Gallagher

Special Bonus - Your Own PDF Book

If you submit all your worksheets and complete the course, you will receive your own special PDF book - "ME" personalised just for you and based on all the worksheets you have submitted.