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Love yourself, know yourself and live the life of your dreams.  This is an extensive course based on the original book, Infinite Vision the Power of SEEBEDO.  I have since written a new version of the book, The SEE BE DO Success Formula,  which is much shorter and easier to digest, this course goes into detail on each chapter.  I hope you enjoy it and get as much out of taking the course as I did creating it.

Do you love yourself? Do you know yourself?  What motivates you? What makes you happy? What are your strengths and weaknesses, emotions and beliefs?  How can you improve your life and be happy with who and where you are?  No one can answer these questions except you.  This course is designed to help you find yourself, know yourself and love yourself.

You are the master of your fate, the captain of your ship, the creator of your destiny.   Enrich your life and find  your happiness with this complete course that can be completed in as little as 30 days.

seebedo course workbook

This 121 page PDF has all of the exercises for this course.   It is a fillable form PDF which you can either fill out online and save your changes each time you access it or you can print and fill out by hand.

Download “seebedoworkbookexercises2023.pdf”

seebedoworkbookexercises2023.pdf – Downloaded 2 times – 4.79 MB

You can also download the individual worksheets if you like.

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