8 Videos for Relaxation and Renewal in Under Five Minutes

relaxing videos

I often feel the need to get away, and watching short videos sometimes is just the cure I need for writers block or the doldrums. When faced with a problem that I can't solve, I need to take a step back, regroup, destress, and relax a bit.  Under deadline, it is not possible to take long breaks or often even leave the office, so I have found new ways to de-stress and relax, put myself in another place for a few minutes.  Videos are a great way to do this, I have a few favorite videos for relaxation that give me just the little break I need to recharge and get going again. In under five minutes, you can escape into another world with these ten videos.  A five minute break is not much, but it will feel like a lot more if you truly enjoy it.  These short videos will give you a lovely mini break, and may just help you get that extra bit of umph you need to go on working.  Take a five minute vacation in Hawaii, journey to Havasu, swim with the dolphins, get back to nature with a simple click on your computer screen.

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